Design Thinking for B2C to Drive Repeat Purchases

Challenge There were more than half a billion inactive customers over a 12-month period:
  • 29 million churned buyers who still visit
  • 53 million registered but didn’t buy
  • 490 million unregistered visitors
The goal was to coach these customers towards long term loyalty and to encourage them to take the next step, either towards conversion of their current purchase journey or inspiration towards their next purchase journey with delightful and educational moments.

We conducted a weeklong design sprint to identify and implement customer actions that would increase the probability of repeat purchases.


The design sprint successfully generated 65 ideas, 15 low-fidelity wireframes, and five high-fidelity mockups for user testing, resulting in an estimated $480 million in GMB.

Image Low-fidelity wireframes
Image High-fidelity mockups for Next Best Actions
Image Remote usability testing